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Dri Tac X: With a new extreme, bold style and modified design, the Dri-Tac X retains the performance and feel of Dri-Tac grips. Add some flare to your game.
Available in

     Standard -  60R (48g)      5DTX- Green/Black (GRB), Blue/Black (BLB), Red/Black (RDB)
     Midsize -  60R (49g)         6DTX - Green/Black (GRB), Blue/Black (BLB), Red/Black (RDB)

  • Grip Style               Dri-Tac X
  • Style                       AVS
  • Grip-Size                 Standard & Midsize
  • Core-Size                .600"
  • Firmness                 Medium
  • Shock-Obsorption   High
  • Material                   WinnDry
  • Texture                   Moderate
  • Profile                    Tapered
Year: 2018
Make: WINN
Model: Dri-Tac X