Dri-Tac Return to Grips

Dri-Tac is our tackiest ever.  WinnDry Polymer material combines a comfortable feel with exceptional non-slip performance in all-weather conditions.  Rain or Shine, the Dri-Tac delivers! Beyond its all-weather playability the Dri-Tac grip offers the ultimate in comfort, tackiness and shock absorption.
Junior - 55R, 28g
      Available in Blue
Ladies - 35g
       Available in NEW!! Black, Gray or Dark Gray/Pink
Standard 48g
      Available in  NEW!! Black, Black/Red, Dark Gray or Navy
Midsize - 49g
      Available in  NEW!! Black, Black/Blue, Dark Gray or Navy
Jumbo -  50g
       Available in  NEW!! Black, Dark Gray or Navy
Make: Winn
Model: Dri-Tac