Meet the JC Team


Greg has officially retired as of January 2018.  He has enjoyed all of his years in the business from caddying, to the early days traveling in the “original van,” all the hills and valleys leading us to today’s JC Golf Accessories, and the amazing lifelong friendships he has made.  Greg looks back fondly on his days at the Broadmoor Hotel, where he worked as a caddy and bellhop while brushing shoulders with John Wayne, Richard Nixon, Bob Hope, and other high rollers. Greg graduated from CU in 1972. Today he enjoys playing golf and watching the horses run.


After caddying at the Broadmoor, Chris earned the Evans Scholarship to attend CU, where he earned his MBA in 1975. He joined his father, Bart, and older brother, Greg, in the family business in 1976. Chris enjoys hiking, reading, and woodworking.

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Donnie’s passion for golf began early in life. He came on board with JC Golf in 2001, after a 16 year career with Nike. Donnie has lived in the high country of northern Arizona since 1994 with his wife, Nancy, of 38 years, and his two children, Gregory and Linnzy. Donnie’s hobbies include horseback riding, driving racecars, and collecting wine.

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Charley, a Utah native, has been in golf sales for 22 years and loved every minute of it. He graduated from U of Utah and enjoys hunting, fishing, and golf.

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Peter, an outdoorsman at heart, loves to ski, golf, and play tennis. He brings great enthusiasm for the golfing world and formerly served as an assistant golf pro.

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As Chris’s daughter, Katie is the third generation to join the family business. She wears so many hats at JC that she has lost count! When she’s not at work, she enjoys being in her garden, running on sunny Colorado days, and spending time with her husband, two adorable kids, and two Saint Bernards. 

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George has been expertly managing the company warehouse for two decades. His passions lie in cars, fair weather astronomy, and target shooting.

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