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Silver Tornado Golf Cleats
Silver Tornado is the newest cleat to join the SoftSpikes family. This cleat incorporates the innovative insert system - Tour Lock.  Tour Lock golf cleats are also compatible with SoftSpikes Fast Twist as well as Champ - SLIM-Lok and Tri-Lok systems. 

  • Features SoftSpikes Patent pending Cross System Protection (CSP). By inserting a post in the base of the receptacle, CSP allows for cleats only developed for the Tour Lock system to fit in to the shoe. 
  • Fit all Fast Twist/Tri-Lok receptacles including select models of; 
    • Adidas, Asics, bite, Callaway, Footjoy, Ecco, Etonic, Nikes, Oakley & Puma
  • Tour Lock Cleats Fit all Slim-Lok receptacles including select models of; 
    • Ecco, NewBalance, Nikes, True Linkswear & Under Armour​
  • Sold in:
    • 50 Change Box
    • 25 Change Jar
    • Single Change Kits (6 Kits per box) 
Year: 2016
Make: SoftSpikes
Model: SilverTornado

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