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“The Only Martini That Improves Your Driving!”

Made from Polymer Resin | Conforms to USGA Rules
  • Martini Shakers with 150 2 ¾” tees
  • Mixed bags: 2 ¾” tees in assorted colors (5 tees/pkg)
  • Mixed bags: 3 ¼” tees in assorted colors (5 tees/pkg)

From the Manufacturer:
How big are they?
What are they made of?
— Martini Tees are made tall for today’s larger club heads.  Our regular tee is 3 ¼ inches tall, and made of a proprietary polymer resin.

Why do you say “virtually” unbreakable?
— Nothing’s perfect.  You may break one after a few rounds of 18 holes.  But compare that to wooden tees, which seem to break on “virtually” every hole.

Does the ball really go farther when you use a Martini Tee?
— Yes it does.  We recently hired an independent laboratory to test Martini tees against wooden tees.  You can read more about it here.

Am I going to stripe the bottom of my driver with a Martini Tee?
— No.  They’re safe to use with all your clubs.

Are they good for the environment?
— Today’s oversized drivers will break an entire forest of wooden tees.  But a Martini Tee will last for hole after hole, round after round.  So you’re drastically reducing the number of tees you use by reusing the same Martini Tee over and over.  Is one Martini Tee better for the environment than wasting dozens of wooden tees?  We think so.

Where are Martini Tees made?
— They are made in the USA, specifically, in Michigan.  Our corporate offices are in Michigan. Many of our sales are in Florida. Now, we have nothing against foreign products.  We just believe that our products should be made here.

Where did the name “Martini” come from?
— From the shape of the cup.  When we made the first prototypes, a family member said  “It looks like a martini!”  We thought that was the perfect name, so perfect that we copyrighted it.

What kind of endorsements have Martini Tees received?
— Well here’s one:  In 2006 we made a first batch of prototype tees, based on the new, patented Martini design.  These prototype tees cost us $15 apiece.  We gave some to golfers for some further, actual on-course testing.  A few months later, one gentleman sent us a check for $150, asking for 15 more tees.  That told us we have a darn good tee. (We sent the guy’s check back to him, along with a few more tees.)  You can see more quotes from actual users here.

How long have Martini tees been around?
— Our roots go back more than 30 years to AirLift tees, thought to be the first plastic tees on the market.  But the Martini Golf Tee represents a new and completely resigned product from the originals.

Are they expensive?
— Not at all.  You can get a entire year’s worth of Martini Tees for the about same price as one martini cocktail.  We think that’s a good deal.  You’ll find the current prices on the order page.