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Solvent Based HF-100 Advanced Grip Tape 
Brampton is using a double coated 3.5 impregnated crepe paper on the Solvent Based Tape. This carrier is a much higher quality than standard paper and allows for an easier and more forgiving installation of the grip. We have also used a Silicone Densified Kraft liner that allows the adhesives to release easily and will not dry on the roll. Removal of the tape during the re-gripping process is also much easier because the adhesives we use will not migrate the same way as the standard paper backed tape.
We individually wrap each roll. This will help keep the adhesive fresh and extend the shelf life of each roll. All adhesives will breakdown in workshops when they are exposed to air and direct light.
Available in:
  • 2" x 36 Yard Rolls
  • 3/4" x 36 Yard Rolls