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Pitchfix Twister Golf Digest Best Repair Tool

By JC Golf Accessories - May 17, 2016

Golf Digest awarded the new and improved Twister 2.0 their Editors' Choice Award for Best Divot-Repair Tool of 2016. It makes a perfect tournament item (especially if you're looking for something new for your golfers) and is stocked in our warehouse ready to ship.
About Twister 2.0
The Twister is based on a patented invention that makes divot repair amazingly simple and result in perfect repairs without any damage to the green. The Twister consists of a head with 3 pronged pins with a small diameter precisely positioned on an imaginary circle for optimal function. The Twister comes with the Pitchfix removable ball marker for your custom logo.
Why Use Twister
* Easy to use
* Perfect repairs every time
* Just jab in and out
* No damage to roots
* Fits in palm of hand
* Removable ball marker
* Easy to store in pocket
* Perfect for tournaments

Packaging & Displays (Perfect for Tournaments)
Great as tournament gift or prize. Customize with your club or company logo on ball marker and tin lid.

Learn more on Pitchfix's website, where you can easily understand Twister 2.0's features by watching a 44 second video.

We also have a convenient flyer for download explaining the highlights of Twister 2.0.

Have fun out on the green!
The JC Team