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Tour SNSR by Golf Pride now in stock!

By JC Golf Accessories - May 13, 2016

We are excited to announce that the long awaited Tour SNSR by Golf Pride has arrived to our warehouse!

There are two styles of Tour SNSR:
Contour Red
An evolution of the classic tour-preferred pistol contour
  • Tapered Profile
  • Wide, Paddle Front 
  • In Midsize (104 cc - 90g) & Large (140 cc - 120g)
Straight Blue
Contemporary shape for consistent hand pressure
  • Straight Profile
  • Soft, Rounded Edges
  • In Midsize (104 cc - 90g) & Large (140 cc - 120g)
All four TOUR SNSR models feature a wide paddle front, sculpted to promote lighter grip pressure and consistent hand placement. Additionally, they are each finished with a traction-textured design that provides heightened feel and moisture control.