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Announcing MARKi - A Ball Marking Pen Designed For Golfers by Golfers

By JC Golf Accessories - May 10, 2016

Tired of using inferior 'Mini Office Stationery' to mark your valued golf ball?

MARKi GOLF is the brainchild of Sydney based Entrepreneur & CEO of TALL POPPi GROUP, Paul Bardetta.  Paul, a scratch golfer in his own right, was frustrated with having to use small, awkward & hard to use 'Office Stationery' to mark his golf ball and have it easily rub off within a few holes of play.  After extensive Research & Development, MARKi was born.  Knowing that 'Identifying your golf ball' is clearly stated in the 'Rules of golf', MARKi Permanent Golf Ball Markers allow golfers at any level to mark their ball with a durable, wear & water resistant ink.  
  • Great retail counter display
  • Permanant bold markers
  • Available in 8 bright assorted colors: Red, Blue, Green, Black, Pink, Purple, Teal & Orange
  • Larger marker makes it easier to hold as well as lasting twice as long as the "mini" markers