About JC Golf Accessories

Proudly Serving the Rocky Mountain Region Since 1962!

JC Golf Accessories, a family-run business located in Denver, Colorado, has proudly served the golfing needs of the Rocky Mountain States since 1962.

We are wholesale suppliers to golf retailers with a focus on basic golf needs: grips, tees, spikes, towels, pencils, markers, repair tools, tournament favors, sunscreen, etc. 

JC Golf is and always will be a regional distributor. Knowing that service is the key to our success we offer next day or 2 day delivery to our entire territory. We have spent the past five decades developing and strengthening our one-on-one approach. 

We make personal sales calls on as many customers as possible to better learn their needs and expectations. We keep our customers current on the industry’s latest products by these sales calls and by email marketing and a comprehensive yearly catalog.

After fifty-three years in business, JC Golf is now into its second and third generations and is looking ahead to the future.

How JC Golf Came To Be:

At the start of the golf boom in the mid-1960’s, Tom Carlson and Bart Jenkins, were independent reps in the Rocky Mountain States travelling thousands of miles for sales trips each fall and spring. Those days were “the wild, wild west” for everyone in the golf business.

In the mid-1970’s, Greg and Chris Jenkins, now out of college, joined their father’s company. Several years later, Charley Carlson joined his.

Wanting to have more control of their business Greg and Chris began distributing golf accessories in the mid-1980s. Tom and Charley Carlson were doing the same thing in Utah at about the same time.

Realizing that economies of scale would benefit both parties the Jenkins and Carlsons consolidated their inventory in the Denver warehouse and began operating as JC Golf Accessories.  

Our Region

We serve the golfing communities of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, El Paso Texas, and portions of Nevada, Nebraska, and the Dakotas.