Dri-Tac X Putter

Dri Tac X Putters: Add a bit of Flare to your game! Three sizes & assorted colors with soft edges, proven performance. Dri-Tac performance material offers the ultimate in comfort, feel and slip-resistance in all-weat

iGrip Lite

iGrip Lite 18” Pistol (63g)
At less than half the weight of traditional belly grips, the iGrip Lite allows more clubhead feel for a smoother stroke and more control. It features a leathery look, tacky feel and u...

Jumbo Pistol

The Jumbo Pistol is a true oversize putter grip, which helps stabilize your stroke by minimizing wrist movement. The Original Classic black model is much heavier than all other jumbos at twice the weight, making the

Long Putters

Long 15” Pistol (128g)
Black OR Red
Inspired by the trend toward counter-balance putters, this 15" offering has a longer profile for multiple hand placement options. The comfortable, tacky Excel polymer uses multiple t...

Medallist Pistol Putters (Standard)

The Medallist Pistol putter grip provides a comfortable, tacky feel. It has a unique tread pattern for better thumb traction on top and enhanced feel for the fingertips on bottom. As always, the Excel polymer provid

Midsize Pistol Putter

The Midsize Pistol is designed for players who prefer a slightly larger profile.  Due to its immense popularity, Winn offers the largest variety of textures, firmness & designes in the midsize category.


Pro Pistol

With an enhanced tread pattern for optimal feel, this Pro Pistol design is perfect for the golfer who prefers a smaller pistol shape with defined edges.

Tour Pistol Putter - New!

Our new Tour Pistol is designed for players who prefer a traditional size & shape putter grip. Well-defined edges offer accurate alignment & consistency. All new models come in a unique tone-on-tone color look wi

WINN PRO X 1.18 Putter

Using a less tapered profile than a traditional 'pistol' design eliminates wrist movement during the stroke. This 1.18" diameter model feels slightly larger than a Winn Midsize putter grip while the tacky Excel polymer m

WINN PRO X 1.32 Putter

The 1.32" diameter of this grip makes it feel slightly smaller than a Winn Jumbo putter grip. With minimal tapering in the grip profile, the paddle shape reduces wrist movement during the stroke. The tacky Excel polymer

WINN PRO X 1.60 Putter

The extreme oversized design and minimally tapering of this grip combine to eliminate wrist movement during the putting stroke for more consistency on the greens. The unparalleled feel of the tacky Excel polymer material