Legacy- 1.0 UltraSlim

Super Stroke UltraSlim is the smallest of the putter grips offered giving players the starting place in to the SuperStroke world.  This has all the benefits of a SuperStroke putter without being oversized. 


Legacy- 2.0 MidSlim

 The newest size in the SuperStroke line-up, the Mid Slim 2.0 came from players requesting a size between the Ultra Slim 1.0 and the Tour-favorite Slim 3.0. The Mid Slim 2.0 is currently in-play on the tour with its

Legacy- 3.0 Slim Lite

Slim 3.0 

USGA Approved
1.30” Diameter
10.50" Length
60 Grams +/- 5
0.580" Core

The Slim 3.0 offers all players the benefits of our parallel technology in a 1.30″ offering.-  
The Fastest G...

Legacy- 5.0 Fatso

Fatso 5.0
The largest offering in the SuperStroke line, the Fatso 5.0 maximizes our patented parallel technology and complements a “straight-back, straight-through” putting technique.

The Fastest Growing Putter Grips...