Arthritic Midsize

Arthritic Midsize - 72g
With a unique 'nubbed' texture and larger profile, the Lamkin Arthritic Grip promotes much lighter grip pressure, allowing players with limited hand and arm strength to comfortably and con...


The best-selling Crossline grip delivers maximum surface traction and outstanding torsion control.  With more than $200,000,000 in worldwide Tour earnings, Crossline grips have been a favorite among top players for

Crossline CORD

The best-selling Crossline pattern is matched with full-cord coverage to deliver maximum control and shot feedback. Acclaimed for its outstanding performance in all weather conditions, the Crossline Full-Cord is a favori

Flat Cat Putter Grips

The revolutionary FLAT CAT putter grip puts the face of the putter in the palm of your hand. Each side of the FLAT CAT grip is in a parallel plane with the putter face, allowing every golfer to establish a personal feel

Lamkin Putter Grips

UTx Mega Paddle -112g
The larger profile of the all-new UTX Mega Paddle encourages a more stable and consistent putting stroke, while the exclusive Tri-Layer Technology provides exceptional feel, responsiveness an...


An all-around great feeling grip, the R.E.L. ACE is made with the super-tacky and shock-absorbing Advanced Cohesive Elastomer. The light pattern, slightly softer material and wide range of colors and sizes make it an ide

Training Grips

The Lamkin Training Grips are an excellent tool designed to teach golfers the proper hand and finger positioning for the ideal golf grip. NOT APPROVED FOR TOURNAMENT USE.
Right Hand, Left Hand – 79g
Ladies – 60g


UTX Cord is a revolutionary multi-layer golf grip that takes all-weather performance and great-feeling playability to a new extreme. 

Made with Tri-Layer Technology, blending three unique materials to create the...

UTx Wrap

UTx Wrap
Now available in a wrap-style, UTx Cord offers unbeatable all-weather performance in a more comfortable and softer-feeling golf grip. Must add total quantity to cart for free grip discount. Discount applied at ...


Ideal for golfers who want a softer-feeling golf grip without sacrificing torsion control and slip-resistant grip confidence     
Ideal for players looking for a wrap grip with more surface trac...